We have been using video technology for 15 years because it is such an accurate tool to immediately identify problems with a sewer service.  Using a high resolution camera on the end of a flexible push cable, the line is fed into your sewer, recording the condition of the pipe as the camera progresses.

What can we see with our camera?

  • Root penetration – tree roots will go where the water goes, and if there’s a crack or opening in a sewer pipe, the roots will find their way in.  Overtime the roots will grow, increasing the opening or even completely blocking the diameter of the pipe.
  • Damaged pipes – the soil around your pipes can shift, causing the sewer line to move, break or crack.
  • Bellied pipes – similarly, if the soil moves or sinks, the sewer line can dip down and sink with it, causing a “belly” in the pipe.  Paper and waste can collect and build up over time.
  • Condition of the line – if you have a sewer line made of clay tile, it is most likely a matter of time before this could collapse and need replacement.  If we find, however, that the line is still in good shape we may recommended leaving well enough alone.
  • Blocked line – grease can build up over time, or a foreign object can restrict the flow.
  • Compromised joints – sometimes connections joining sections of pipe can come apart

Once we have diagnosed any issues you are having, we will use a built-in locator to pinpoint the depth and location of the problem.  If your line does warrant a repair, we will know exactly where the work needs to be done.  We are happy to provide you with a DVD of the video inspection.

If your sewer is backing up regularly, or if you would like to know the condition of your sewer service, call us at (719)447-1114 for a video inspection.  It’s also a great thing to do if you are buying or selling a home!

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