A sinkhole? In Colorado????

It’s not the usual phone call we get: “We think we have a sinkhole in the Broadmoor area near the golf course.”  A sinkhole?  This had to be checked out immediately.  Once we pulled up, this is what we saw.  Notice the depression in the asphalt.


After crawling across the asphalt and shining a flashlight into the pothole, we found a bigger hole.  MUCH bigger.  By Joe’s measurements, it was 11′ feet down to the bottom!  Technically, this wasn’t a sinkhole, at least not the type you read about that swallow houses in Florida.  A 4′ culvert that ran under the road rusted and disintegrated over time.  Without that large pipe to carry away rainwater and snow melt, and that most powerful force known as water washed away the soil beneath the asphalt.  Our crew has excavated over 300 tons of wet dirt and pieces of culvert until a new pipeline can be installed.  It’s a very slow process that takes time and patience.

Anyone got a shovel?

We brought in a trackhoe that will extend 22'.

We brought in a trackhoe that will extend 22′.