Wow! What a deal!

Have you been thinking about the age of your sewer service?  (I know, it’s something we all ponder daily ….)  Maybe you’ve had to snake out your drains more and more often …. or you are buying/selling a home and want to check out the condition of the sewer service …. or you know you have the dreaded orangeburg pipe and are worried it’s a ticking time bomb …..

Give us a call and schedule a video camera inspection!  It’s a cost-effective way to find out the condition of your line, but here’s the best part: if you do happen to want or need a new sewer line, we will replace your water line as well AT NO COST!  A new water service usually costs a couple thousand dollars, so this is an incredible opportunity to save some money and put it towards something more fun – ha!  This offer applies to homeowners with side-by-side utilities; for other situations, call us for a discounted price.


If you are concerned about your landscape, remember that in most cases we can do this with a trenchless pipeburst method, and the impact to your yard is minimal.  We are licensed, insured and highly recommended by both customers and inspectors in the city and county.  We also do not subscribe to high-pressure, strong arm sales tactics.  If you encounter this, please call us at 447-1114 for a second opinion!

Five Things – Widefield Blvd Sewer Replacement

  • The first houses in Widefield have orangeburg sewer pipe.

  • Orangeburg was made of wood pulp and pitch, and feels like an oil-soaked cardboard or layers of tar paper.  It was manufactured in Orangeburg, New York, and was used in the 1860s until the 1970s.

  • Orangeburg is highly susceptible to root intrusion and becoming egg-shaped.  Its useful life is 10-50 years.

  • At this job, the sewer was egg-shaped where we tied on at the sidewalk. We did not go all the way to the main.

  • We were referred to the homeowner from a high school friend.