Wow! What a deal!

Have you been thinking about the age of your sewer service?  (I know, it’s something we all ponder daily ….)  Maybe you’ve had to snake out your drains more and more often …. or you are buying/selling a home and want to check out the condition of the sewer service …. or you know you have the dreaded orangeburg pipe and are worried it’s a ticking time bomb …..

Give us a call and schedule a video camera inspection!  It’s a cost-effective way to find out the condition of your line, but here’s the best part: if you do happen to want or need a new sewer line, we will replace your water line as well AT NO COST!  A new water service usually costs a couple thousand dollars, so this is an incredible opportunity to save some money and put it towards something more fun – ha!  This offer applies to homeowners with side-by-side utilities; for other situations, call us for a discounted price.


If you are concerned about your landscape, remember that in most cases we can do this with a trenchless pipeburst method, and the impact to your yard is minimal.  We are licensed, insured and highly recommended by both customers and inspectors in the city and county.  We also do not subscribe to high-pressure, strong arm sales tactics.  If you encounter this, please call us at 447-1114 for a second opinion!

Coming soon! A new home for JFE!

Last month we closed on this gem of a building, which has sat vacant for quite some time.  Back in high school, Joe pumped gas here as a teen.  The fuel tanks are gone now!  Happily, extensive renovations are underway (because while Joe spricht Deutsch, no hablamos español)!  We look forward to reconnecting with a lot of our Frei Plumbing customers from the old days.  It’s been great to visit with all those who have stopped by out of curiosity.

With any luck, our operations and equipment will be moved next month….we’ll post updates on our progress in the coming weeks.


exterior angle

exterior close up



garage doors




Five Reasons to Remember Joe Frei Excavating

  • Your water bill is suddenly really high.  If you have a leak in your underground water service, it could leak undetected for a while until …. your utility bill arrives.  We have different methods of replacing and repairing water lines – check out our website for a thorough explanation.
  • Your sewer is backing up at the lowest fixture.  If just your kitchen sink line is clogged, or only your laundry drain, a reputable drain cleaning company can take care of that for you.  Please call us for a recommendation: there are large companies that will try and sell unsuspecting homeowners a new sewer line which is not necessary.  But if your lowest fixture, such as the floor drain in the basement, backed up,  your sewer might need to be repaired or replaced.  Again, our website can show you the different options we have for sewer replacement.
  • You are uncomfortable with another company’s bid.  We have saved customers thousands of dollars, by giving a fair and honest assessment of a troublesome water or sewer line.  Call us for a second opinion!
  • You support small local businesses.  Joe Frei has been in the excavating industry for over 25 years, and is a licensed Master plumber, as his dad was.
  • Highly recommended by utility districts, inspectors and hundreds of homeowners.  All around nice guy who enjoys life!


Five Things – Water to Barn in Northgate

  • The Northgate area is named for its proximity to the “north gate” of the Air Force Academy.
  • There is a lot of beautiful horse property in northern Colorado Springs.
  • We ran 180′ of water line to our customer’s barn, dodging multiple power lines.
  • It was tough digging through the sandstone, but after that it was nice and sandy.
  • Our daughters, Hannah and Maddy, came to work (but I think they spent most of the time with the horses!).

photo (18)photo (17)photo (16)photo (15)

Four Things – El Pomar Asphalt Removal

  • The El Pomar Foundation, founded by Spencer and Julie Penrose, impacts the state of Colorado with their vital programs and funding.
  • After tearing out asphalt from an old dock, we hauled away the debris with our fabulous dump truck.  I think it needs a name.
  • Next we graded the site and brought in topsoil.
  • Attention to detail!  We lay down plywood to protect the grass.

photo (14) photo (13) photo (12)